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  1. May 28,  · Marine Corps 21 gun salute at the Houston National Cemetery Memorial Day service.
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  3. 21 ‘gun’ salute is performed by large caliber ‘guns,’ not rifles, each round fired at an interval of several seconds. Other gun salutes are performed for Flag Officers, Senators and Congressmen with the number of rounds fired based on their rank/position from 15 to 19 rounds.
  4. Gun Salutes The guns are quickly detached and, upon command, fire booming blanks which reverberate through the ground, sending a puff of white smoke into the air. This is a Royal Gun Salute as it happens in a Royal Park, and it is given as a sign of respect or welcome upon various important Royal occasions.
  5. The gun salute is also fired at noon on George Washington's birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and the day of the funeral of a president, ex-president or president-elect. Gun salutes for other U.S. and foreign military and civilian leaders .
  6. Whenever a person from the military dies, a group of seven soldiers fire off three shots each. 7 times 3 equals 21, thus the name 21 gun salute.
  7. A 21 gun salute for the President and heads of state, Washington's Birthday, and the Fourth of July became the standard in the United States Navy with the issuance of new regulations on 24 May Those regulations laid out the specifics.
  8. Dec 31,  · The gun salute stems from naval tradition, and it is used to mark certain anniversaries, salute heads of state, and reigning royalty and honor national flags. The number of large-caliber guns used for the gun salute varies depending on the .

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